Monday, March 28, 2011

Strike a Pose...

Runways, fashion design, fabrics....those are all things that get my attention. Being artistic can be a curse at times...wanting to do everything under the sun that involves creating. You name it, I would love to try it....cake decorating, cupcake shop, flowers, photography, and every sewing project you can find. I do have to say that I am lucky enough to be doing my number one design.

There is nothing more rewarding that watching your designs come down a runway. No matter how big or small the venue it is just an overwhelming feeling. The Off White Bridal Show was held at the Third Degree Glass factory last weekend. The overall experience was amazing. I have to say the highlight of the guessed it....The fashion show!

I was lucky enough to be able to have 3 of my designs on the runway that day. Elenor, Dalia and Jacquline. The models were full of attitude and a perfect fit for the gowns they wore.

Here are some pictures of the runway....come'on girls....Strike a Pose!

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