Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Her name is "Audrey"

So I guess it is only fair that I share a little sneak peek at THE DRESS. Our photoshoot is July 19th and I am sooooo excited about it. I can't even to begin to tell you how thankful I am to be working with some of the most WONDERFUL people. They are all bending over backwards to help make this amazing. Abbie Takes Pictures, The Crimson petal, Salon Dakota, Tyler, our little models and many, many more. This is just surreal....

I have to say that is has been almost a decade since I took my college drawing classes (OMG, I just gave away my age..oops!). Everyone says "Oh, it's like riding a bike" Well....HA! Maybe for them, but for me it just helps to get all of my ideas on paper....good or bad, beautiful or simple. So, from the first touch of my pencil to the paper "The Dress" was born and... Her name is Audrey:

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