Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's up and running!!

Good day in Blogland!!

Things have been kinda quiet here on the my blog the past couple of weeks. What was I doing you ask? As much as I would love to say I have been sitting here on the beach, feet kicked up and a cute little umbrella drink in my hand, I cannot. I have been trying to mark off things on my "to do" list while juggling the NEVERending Motherly duties of home. I have to say there is never a dull moment here in the Martin household...there is always someone needing something, getting hurt or screaming(the high pitched little girl screaming that is like nails on a chalkboard). I know...don't you wish you were here to enjoy it too? LOL I love my girlies and wouldn't change a thing...they keep me on my toes and in full running mode!

I did get to sneak some time to myself this past week in between sewing and cutting to start filling my etsy store. This has been on my list of "to do's" since February and I am so excited to finally have an online store of my creations to offer. I am not completely finished with it. I still have all of my accessories to list this week, but I feel like I have accomplished something BIG! As the ink on my "do to" list fades from age I am more than excited to mark off several of my numbered items.

Not only did I get my dress listings up, I am also offering an April Promotion. Purchase any gown from my etsy store and recieve 10% off the purchase price with code:Aprilbride


I am starting a bridal party this week and look forward to posting pictures of the process....lots of pink satin ahead :)

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